Empowered Youth



as a green mp

work to ensure that post-secondary education is based on realistic and effective policies and the following principles:

Quality and excellence;
• Accessibility that is based on equality, merit, and willingness;
• Affordability for individuals;
• Accountability of funds;
• Ease of information sharing;
• Green innovation.

Becka will also:

1. Increase federal transfers to provincial governments, ear-marked and tied to postsecondary education;
2. Increase federal student grants by 25% (at a cost of $173 million);
3.Allow all students eligibility for guaranteed student loans up to their rate of tuition regardless of parental income;

4. Extend grant availability to Graduate and Doctoral Students at a cost of $31 million;

5. Increase access for First Nations education by removing the 2% funding cap and fully funding the program backlog (at a cost of $424 million);

6. Establish a federal research program aimed at understanding and reducing barriers to post-secondary education in the absence of the 2001 Canadian Millennium Research Program;

7. Increase funding for a needs-based Canadian National Student Loan and Bursary;

8. Work to eliminate student debt as a national goal;

9. Transition from costly and regressive tax-based credits and RESPs as methods of supporting an affordable post-secondary education system;

10. Eliminate the Canada Student Loans Program In-Study Income Assessment;

11. Extend the payment grace period to two years after graduation in which time loans are interest-free;

12. Establish a Student Education Funding Committee, with at least 50% of members having student debt, whose purpose will be to create a student education funding system that better serves the needs of Canadian students;

13. Establish an Opportunity Grant under the Canada Student Grants Program for graduate students with high financial need;

14. Exempt academic materials from the GST and/or any other federal sales taxes that may be implemented in the future;

15. Increase funding to federal research councils by 15% annually for four years;

16. Support integrated education and co-operative programs through the restoration and expansion of the federal student summer job program;

17. Invest in undergraduate research fellowships through the federal research councils to support innovation and increase research capacity;


as a green mp

  •  Provide clear and reliable data on labour markets, as recommended by the Advisory Panel on Labour Market Information, by investing $15 million to establish a new set of Labour Market Information (LMI) measurements;
  • Ban unpaid internships;
  • Boost access to apprentice programs in key trades, supporting those with skills to train youth through financial support to tradesmen in electricity, plumbing, carpentry, pipefitting, welding, etc;
  • Develop a Youth Community and Environment Service Corps that will provide federal minimum wage employment for 40 000 youth aged 18-25 every year for four years for a total of 160 000 youth positions. At the successful completion of each year-long program, there will be a $4,000 tuition credit awarded to each participant that can be applied to further education and training. Youth Service teams will vary in size depending on the projects undertaken, and will be given opportunities for career counseling and employment skills training during the course of the program;
  • Ensure Youth Community and Environmental Service Corps projects are developed in partnership with municipalities and based on local priorities. They can includem numerous measures to minimize damage and injury from future climate change impacts, many different types of environmental protection and rehabilitation projects, specially-focused teams that provide social stimulation to institutionalized elderly through arts and music, assistance to low income households for energy efficiency upgrades, recreation programs for children at risk, capacity building for local food systems, etc.
  • This initiative will employ 160 000 youth over its 4-year life and is budgeted at $1.25 billion dollars a year for a combined total of $5 billion.

 Click the below to explore more Green Party Platform:

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